Friday, July 8, 2011

Potty Training!!

Well my Mom-in-law came up last weekend for the 4th! We decided it was the weekend to potty train...she has done so good so far! We have had a few accidents but other than that she has been a big girl! So Dian and I went to the Dollar Store to get prizes for her "Treasure Box" she had a blast picking out things to go in there! Let me just say that works!

This is what she said the other day!

Erynn " Mommy look at me" (sitting on her potty)
Me "did you pee pee baby"
Erynn "I toot mommy" (she had done both lol)
Me "YAY Erynn is a big girl"
Erynn "YIPPY I did it I get treasure box Mommy"
Cappi...comes over to check it out
Erynn "no mama Cappi dont u get my treasure box" "cappi a sidy (silly) goose"
Me "HaHaHa Erynn you are a silly goose"

I keep praying this all goes well cause we are so tired of buy diapers and pull-ups! I told my Mom-in-law she is the Baby Whisper cause she is amazing at getting them to do things that the parents cant get them to do! She can take a crying baby and make it happy in a blink of an eye! We are blessed! :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another conversation we had with sweet!!

On April 26th South Arkansas and North Louisiana had some very bad storms! The tornado sirens had gone off that night so we had got in the hall for protection! Erynn was truly scared since the siren is only a block from our home its very loud...I prayed and rocked her the whole time! I sang Jesus loves me to her (her favorite song)! She hung onto me for dear life....after it was all over she passed out on my chest! Poor baby was tired!

Well we woke up the next morning and Erynn said......
Erynn: "Mommy bad weather gone gone?"
Me: "yes baby its all gone Jesus made it go away"
Erynn: "bad nonies (noise) gone too"
Me: "yes baby all gone"

Then later that day when Rodney came home we were talking about all the storms that had hit Mississippi and Alabama. Erynn was paying attention I guess cause this is what she told her daddy!!
Erynn: "Jesus made bad weather gone gone daddy" (soooooo sweet)
Me: "that's right baby" (with a tear in my eye...made my heart melt)
Rodney looked at me like in awe with a big smile on his face....I told him I told her that when she woke up! This child does not forget a thing!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Erynn and her big words!

This week Erynn has come up with some big words for a 2 year old! Here are a few of those conversations I have had with her!

Me.. "Erynn are your mashed potatoes yummy"
Erynn.. " Mommy there Delicious"
Me.... "Oh my gosh that funny....I have to tell your daddy that one"

Erynn....."whats this"
Rod......."my belt"
Erynn....."baby wants it"
Rod......."ok here"
Then Erynn kinda broke it..oops!!
Rod..."what did you do Erynn"
Erynn..."Belts ruined daddy"
Me....."what where did she learn that word...haha"

Me.."Erynn what U doing baby"
Erynn..,"lip gloss mommy"
Me....."its pretty baby go look in the mirror"
Erynn..."ooooh its Beautiful"
Me...." hahahahaha"